About Us

Gol Tea is a direct translation of Tea from Flower in Farsi. Gol Tea is a blend of Borage Flower and Valerian Roots, Cinammon, Rose pedals which are used as herbal medicines in China, Iran, and India. Gol Tea flowers are used as Tea in Iran where Gol Tea is originated. Gol Tea is an extension of a larger organization called Golab Chai.

These teas are popular and well-known for the treatment of a wide range of health conditions – remedies that have been in use for thousands of years, but are not readily available or well-known in Canada.

This traditional wisdom and a true love of healthy living has inspired Maryam and Mehrnaz to start GolTea.com.  They are committed to natural healing and both believe that these simple herbal blends can make a huge difference to all those looking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Life is stressful enough!  Let Gol Tea sooth your nerves, improve your sleep and nourish your body.  We want to bring back the true essence of tea and introduce alternative remedies to tea lovers everywhere!

We are a family owned business with a love for the stress-free lifestyle.   We are so proud to share our stress relief solutions with the world .

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