Best Teas for Stress and Anxiety

For thousands of years people have drank teas to help them deal with daily stress and for relaxation. In Iran, my parents used to drink Borage Tea blended with Valerian Roots to calm their nerves after a hard day at work.

My parents would also use Borage Tea as healing medicine for us. I remember being 7 years old and having a horrible cough and cold to the point that I couldn’t eat and my dad making me the most delicious Borage tea I can remember. He steeped the Borage Teas as I sat on the counter top and watch him make me this tea. He then added few spoons of honey and squeezed half a lemon in it. He gave me the cup and let me blow it colder. one of my finest memories with my dad.

Lets not get off topic. Stress, Yes, lets talk about stress. I have learned to drink a cup of herbal Borage tea, instead of having a glass of wine after a hard day at work. It keeps me healthier and it works for me.